Go isn’t the most well-known game around by any means. However, it is a game that is still going strong. Here at dango.pro we will help you discover all about this little-known game and help you get started on your GO journey. GO is one of the world’s greatest strategy games that originally came from China thousands of years ago. In the Far East it is still incredibly popular, and part of everyday life – known also as Igo in Japan; Weiqi in China and Baduk in Korea.

We want to introduce you to the world of GO and help you find a Go club to join. We also want to let you know of all the tournaments you can enter, once you are proficient in the game, where you can pit your wits against other great Go players. This may not be a game that immediately springs to mind when you think of top strategy games, but it is one of the very best around. Once you have started this game, you’ll be hooked. We want you to learn to love this game as much as we do.