Here you can dowload dango cards (as zipped pdf) and print them.
There are 2 sizes available: big cards (8 pieces on A4 list) and small cards (12 pieces on A4 list)
Each file is about 13 MB:

Big cards

Small cards

Big cards in Corel Draw format: corel_draw_big

It’s also possible to purchase high quality set directly from Alexander Dinerchtein. Email:

Here you can view cards (5MB), created in Germany in 1980′s (from the home collection of Valerij Solovyev):


You can check the playing cards on these photos, made by Alexey Kozhunkov on Moscow Go tournament in 2011 ( Alexander Dinerchtein vs Darya Koshkina playing dango after the closing ceremony)

dango game

dango cards, designed by "breakfast"